At Madden Global Solutions, we know the only constant is change. Our history is being a transformational company which translates to our success

A Company Focused on Success for Clients & Trade Partners

Madden Global Solutions, the premier marketing solutions company for 75 years, is known in the industry by Clients and Trade Partners for cultivating and sustaining revenue-generating business opportunities for brands, both big and small.

Crafting Solutions Through Our Unique Process

Innovative Methodology

Our methodology is based on in-depth data analytics, customer insights and our team’s extensive prior merchant experience to identify high volume product and category opportunities. We work collaboratively with our Client Partners to determine the best strategy and define a tactical plan for presentation and execution with our Trade Partners to maximize the opportunity and drive profitable growth.

 A Medium Size Business With Big Business Impact

Our Winning Approach



A unique ability to visualize & formulate future business opportunities based on market trends, deep data analytics & experience.



The right mix of merchant experience, customer insights & data to transform a vision into a go-to market strategy for new product and programs with sustainable growth.



A seasoned team of experts in merchandising, operations, analytics, marketing & sourcing with extensive resources to effectively execute the tactics needed to bring a vision to reality for our client & trade partners.

Our Channels and Trade Partners

We have the expertise, knowledge, and unique infrastructure to drive sales for your products, and operate in a variety of retail channels, such as Club, Drug, E-Commerce, Grocery, Pet etc. The key to our success is data driven decisions while working with a select group of Trade Partners.

Our Success Story

Madden Global Solutions' Unique Advantage

Madden Global Solutions is committed to the success of both our Trade and Client Partners. Our vision is to create out-of-box ideas for viable new business opportunities for our Trade Partners. We do so by matching the right Client Partners with the resources to execute the unique concepts.

By applying strategic tactics and solutions we are continuously achieving incredible results from project inception to implementation.

We combine old-fashioned hard work and personalized service with the latest cutting-edge technology and innovative strategies.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Stuffed Foods
David Robinson
Stuffed Foods LLC, President

I have worked with Madden Global Solutions for over 20 years. They have strong relationships with the Trade Partner throughout the organization which has been critical to our long-term success. Madden’s sales team has Merchant experience, several of them coming from the club environment and this has proven to be valuable in their exceptional ability to find white space opportunities for their clients. As the business process has evolved, Madden has been at the forefront of the technological and analytical advancements making them an asset in providing strong analytics including supply chain, forecasting, and strategic planning.

Tom Bovich
President, Retail Products Division Merical

I have worked with Madden Global Solutions since the 1990’s and MGS was key in helping us establish our digestive health business at BJ’s Wholesale. MGS has a very good pulse on the business and provide meaningful customer insights with their strong merchant connectivity and seasoned team of experienced merchants. MGS utilizes extensive product analytics to help us understand and manage our business effectively. Madden Global is extremely responsive to our needs and continues to be a trusted partner committed to growing our business!

East Coast Seafood Logo
Christina Ferranti-Clift
East Coast Seafood Director of Marketing & Product Innovation

East Coast Seafood is proud to work with the Madden team, who have increased our club business steadily over the past five years. We truly appreciate their deep knowledge of the customer and guidance on the best way to approach new product placements. Our success in bringing several new products to shelves is a direct result of Madden’s relationships with the buyers and would not have happened otherwise. Our day-to-day contact, is one of a kind. He makes us shine, and that’s an invaluable skill. Madden keeps us at the forefront of new sales opportunities and remains a critical partner in our ‘innovation to plate’ customer pipeline.

Madden Team Photo

The Madden Global Solutions Team

Our team is a diverse and very talented group of individuals with some of them having experience on both sides of the desk, the merchant and the client side. This gives us a unique advantage, by better understanding the opportunities for both trade partner and client partner, and how to better create, balance and grow the business. Based on our extensive analytics, market trends, and consumer needs, we have the vision to apply strategic solutions and tactics to achieve success. We continue to invest in technology and talented people, and we strive to fulfill the vision of our founder: “The only constant is change”.

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